Welcome to the house of Sam.

A lot can be written about Yosemite National Park, but pictures will do the park far more justice than my words. Nearly 4 million people visit Yosemite annually, the majority visiting the valley floor.  The Yosemite valley provides you with some excellent vistas.  Below is a view of the valley, with Bridalveil falls just visible to the right.


This is a wilderness area with evergreen forests, waterfalls, meadows and sheer granite walls.  You see soaring cliffs, canyons, valleys huge trees and the odd bit of wildlife.  These all combine in harmony to give Yosemite incomparable beauty.

Getting around the park is easy, with shuttles operating through the valley and well marked paths for those a little more energetic and with time on their hands.  We would have preferred an overnight stay in the park to be able to appreciate its beauty as 2 hours is not nearly enough.

Half Dome cliff stands some 1600m above the valley floor, and has become the symbol of Yosemite, formed by tens of thousands of years of glacial activity…

…and North Dome across from the Half Dome…

Half Dome to the right with North Dome visible to the left

The other major cliff is El Capitan, which stands as a sentry to the entry to the valley floor of the park.  It is a popular challenge for rock climbers, often taking 3 days to scale the monolith.  But be warned, if you need to be rescued, you will be charged $800 per hour for the recovery!

A beautiful view of El Capitan on the left with Sentinel Rock at the right.

The Yosemite falls, the highest in North America, consist of the upper and lower falls – quite spectacular.

…and Sam did not come to say hi to these weary travellers…dog gone varmint

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