The island of colour – Burano

There are not many places around the world which provoke comparisons as the most colourful place in the world. Burano is one such place, an Instagram portfolio for the millennials.

As Venice gets crowded during the day, Burano makes for a fine refuge. Exploring the islands in the Venetian lagoon avoids the day tripper crowds that seem to flood Venice. Here, on Burano, the dazzlingly colourful buildings become the main attraction. These buildings are beautifully juxtaposed against the stillness of the canals adding something extra to the island’s appeal.

Burano as an island is made up of five islets separated by canals and connected by picturesque bridges—it is like a little sister of Venice. It’s small, easily covered within a few hours, leaving time to wander through particular areas or enjoying the local vibe in what is incredibly picturesque and, one of the most, colourful places in the world.

But this isn’t the kind of place with many attractions. Just wander and take in the views, the colours and their reflections in the canal. You’ll notice a stark difference to the rest of Venice and her islands. Once you have walked by the canal, walk down the little side streets. You escape the crowds yet still experience the colour and watch locals go about their daily business. I often wonder how residents feel sharing their space with the tourists.

This place captivates all visitors from their first step upon the island. It brought us a peaceful feeling. The narrow streets are linked by bridges over blue canals, boats anchored in front of every colourful house. Burano boasts colourful little houses along the canal offering tourists unforgettable memories.

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