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Slovenia’s beautiful Bohinjsko Jezero

The scenic backdrop of Triglav, a lake flanked on three sides by the Juliske Alpe and a lakeside church. This has to be one of Slovenia’s most authentic destinations. Not just because of its natural beauty but also the opportunity to be absorbed by the tranquillity of the surrounds. The area of Bohinjsko Jezero (Lake Bohinj) is somewhat developed yet, thankfully, not overwhelmed by mass tourism. Places that fly under the radar, away from the gaze of Instagram influencers, can create some exquisite memories. This is exactly the case at Lake Bohinj in Slovenia, the smaller ‘brother’ of the more renown Lake Bled.

Lake Bohinj is spectacularly, and naturally, beautiful. There is an authenticity to this region with beautiful villages and onion-domed churches. As you travel the road from Lake Bled, you witness people still living quietly in the rural setting. The pristine blue-green waters of this lake are crystal clear. The bank near Ribčev Laz has a statue of Zlatorog, a golden-horned chamois which, in conjunction with the church, provides a useful landmark.

A part of Lake Bohinj that is spectacular is the view of Triglav, the tallest mountain in Slovenia. Featured prominently on the Slovenian coat of arms and national flag, Triglav is the centre-piece of the region. As is the case with the Logar Valley (Logarska Dolina), the views will touch your earth-loving soul.

It’s impossible to miss the many churches across Slovenia. Every village has its own church, with a striking bell tower. Some are even prominently sited on a hill. Bohinj’s church of St. John the Baptist (Ribčev Laz) is probably the most photographed spot in this area, second to the Church of the Assumption of Maria on Lake Bled. Sitting on the tranquil shore of Lake Bohinj, the church is a highly photogenic Romanesque-Gothic structure that dates to the Middle Ages. The fresco of St. Christopher on the outside wall of the church is well worth viewing. This fresco was strategically placed there to protect travellers. Also of significance are the frescoes inside the church, which date back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

If you are convinced that Bled is a beautiful lake, you need to see the blue-green waters of Lake Bohinj. This lake lacks Bled’s glamour, but it’s less crowded and naturally beautiful. It’s an ideal summer destination.

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