Never travel with anyone you do not love.

— Ernest Hemingway.

Sharing our experiences

Travel has a unique ability to broaden one’s horizons. It opens our eyes and helps us discover the essence of self in a way that’s only possible when on the road with someone special. Being exposed to people from other cultures has taught us to look at the world differently, more tolerantly, and more empathetically.

Welcome to our little corner of the blogosphere. This blog is a fun way for us to keep our family and friends updated on our travel and to share our experiences. Let’s face it, even for people like us who are not gifted at writing an eloquent story, just sharing simple words and pictures provides some enjoyment.  We love sharing our travels with you on this blog.

Nostalgia and distance creates a contentment that makes mundane things, like seeking out street art precincts or sitting and watching people, entertaining.

We hope that you enjoy reading our posts and that it does, in some way, bring fond memories to those who have travelled these roads before us.