Tai O fishing village

As a day tour from Hong Kong, a visit to the quaint and picturesque Tai O fishing village provides the traveller with a taste of traditional life on the waterways. It is the home to the Tanka people, who live in stilted houses above the Lantau tidal flats – old and rustic. The beauty of the fishing village is hard to deny but you are left to wonder how much of the authenticity is retained as travellers such as us visit the village and peer into their world.

Dried seafood is available in abundance, the air filled with its sweetness. Nevertheless, Tai O does offer a glimpse of rustic life as it was not that long ago.

As you explore around Tai O, you can still see old folks making a living via the traditional way at this lively market. Tai O is famous for its specialties such as dried seafood, salted fish, shrimp and sauce. Wandering through the traditional seafood market is interesting, attempting to identify the different dried products you see.

Exploring every corner in the village and its surroundings is a great way to experience Tai O way of life. Coming from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, Tai O fishing village gives a truly tranquil and authentic experience like time has frozen at this part of the world.

This is a village that is definitely worth visiting, especially if you haven’t visited an Asian fishing village before.

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