A valley fit for a giant – Logarska Dolina

Logarska Dolina (Logar Valley) offers some of the best natural landscapes that Slovenia has on offer. Whilst it may be lesser known than other wonders in the country, this valley in Slovenia is definitively worth making the effort to get to – and there is some effort involved. But you will be well rewarded by sharp summits, rock walls, green pastures, charming farms and verdant forests.

A picture is worth more than anything that I could write – it is so impressive. It has magnificent shades of green contrasting against the blue sky and grey rock. The entrance into the valley will captivate you. A single road leads into the alpine valley and you drive past traditional farms and pastures. The winding road, lined with linden trees, draws your gaze to the tree line and the glorious Kamnik-Savinja mountains. This journey ends with an amphitheatre of grey cliffs beyond green valley pastures.

This is a part of Slovenia less travelled. It has remained pristine, shaped by the local farming community. The valley is some seven kilometres long and has one of the most incredible and tallest waterfalls at its far end, Rinka waterfall. This is a true alpine treasure. There is a cafe, Orlovo Gnezdo, right by the waterfall.

Aside from the magnificent view and adorable pastures, Rinka waterfall is a true star. It falls over a wide wall and is the second highest waterfall in Slovenia. Located at the end of the valley, it can be reached along a marked path from the parking lot. But be aware, this is a walk requiring some level of fitness as the trail has loose gravel and has a steep gradient in parts.

Dom Planincev provides a lovely ambiance, beautiful outlook and good home-made food. Well worth a stop for a hearty meal before embarking on the return journey home.

This is a wonderfully natural landscape which would, in Austria or Switzerland, be heavily promoted and visited along with well developed infrastructure. Thankfully, this is not the case for this pristine valley.


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