Slovenia’s gateway from the north – Maribor

Maribor is the perfect place for an afternoon walk. This city is more provincial town than major city. It doesn’t have what I would consider unmissable sights, but it is a pleasant town to wander and enjoy the old town and river precincts.

Maribor came to prominence during the middle ages and drew its wealth from local timber milling and wine growing. Being built on the Drava River, it also had a ready made river port to assist with trade. The river surroundings and charming old town has almost no crowds.

Maribor has a simple charm. Maribor is different, calm. You sort of get the impression that the time had stopped here a little. The city is rustic, with few buildings renovated, people did not seem to hurry and traffic is almost non-existent. People gather by the river. The riverside district of Lent has some local historical interest. Sitting, alfresco, in a bar on the Pristan embankment overlooking the Drava is relaxing and quite cosmopolitan. This is an experience that people seek out in cities like France or London.

To be honest, there is not a lot to do in Maribor but it is great for walks. An amble through Maribor will take in the major sights such as Slomsek Trg (where you will find the cathedral) and Glavni Trg (with the Town Hall and Maribor’s market place during the middle ages) leading to Pristan embankment and the old vine (Stara Trta).

This city could be considered as Slovenia’s gateway from the north. It is certainly the country’s gateway to the wine growing region in the Štajerska (Styria). Interestingly, the oldest vine in the world is found in the city, situated on a tranquil stretch of riverside greenery. This old vine is said to be some 400 years old and it is still producing grapes today, sufficient for around 10 cases. The wine is reserved for visiting dignitaries. This region has a significant viticultural heritage. And some very tasty wines as well.

Maribor is worth a visit! It would definitely be a contender for the most under rated city in this part of the world.

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