Skofja Loka is Slovenia’s charming medieval town

Skofja Loka, not far from the capital, Ljubljana, is a small medieval and well preserved Slovenian town. With its narrow streets, charming buildings and a castle with sweeping views surrounding countryside, this is location that provides you with a unique opportunity to step back in time. It is a functioning town, almost a time capsule of a by-gone era.

The crowning glory of Skofja Loka is its castle. The castle stands on a small hill above the town square. It dominates the view as you arrive into the town and from whichever angle you see it, it’s an impressive structure. The old town is well connected with charming cobbled streets and lovely stone bridges. The bridges crossing the Sora River provide a wonderful photographic backdrop to the medieval town. From these bridges, the castle immediately catches your eye.

The uphill walk to the castle is along a tree-lined walk from which you are rewarded with wonderful views and the city profile of old Slovenian red-tiled buildings. The castle houses a museum with a wide selection crafts and paintings, archaeological and ethnological displays dating from medieval times.

The old town is thoughtfully laid out as a pedestrian thoroughfare. It provides a window into Slovenian architecture and history. Taking a leisurely stroll along the main cobblestone thoroughfare, you arrive at Mestni Trg, the main square with some old medieval homes and the town hall. Considering the towns relatively small size, Mestni trg is quite large. The standout building is the 16th-century Old Town Hall, with its Baroque frescoes. Just beyond the main square, Skofja Loka’s narrow alleyways open up into Spodnji trg.

It’s also impossible to ignore the imposing houses of Skofja Loka’s main square. These houses have some wonderful external frescoes and painted sgraffito around the building’s windows and doors. This Gothic-style mansion belonged to one of the city’s well-to-do residents.

Skofja Loka is a really enjoyable town to explore the streets in a relaxed manner, admire the houses and old city walls with medieval history and drink in the surrounding countryside and river vistas. Skofja Loka will captivate you.


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